Hi, I'm Cassandra, a UX Researcher with 4 years of experience as a User Experience Consultant.
My background in chemical engineering helps me simplify complex problems to create new solutions.
I've learned how to lean into ambiguity and leverage human-centered design methodologies to create clarity.

With experience as a UX Designer, I have the skills to translate and communicate insights to actionable changes.
I'm currently pursing my Master's in Human-Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Homeowner App for Managing Thermostats Remotely

New features added to a thermostat app to help homeowners take care of their thermostat

Portal for Dealers to Monitor
the Health of HVAC Systems

A re-designed portal helps Dealers manage and troubleshoot customer's HVAC systems

Portal for Dealership to Sell
Car Warranty Products

A streamlined process that let's car dealerships create quotes and contracts for new customers

Financial Literacy Learning
Paths for Young Adults

A new concept that helps young adults who may not have support learn basic financial literacy